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fit yoga oct 06
sew news (copy)
(Magazine) Fit Yoga July 2007

Fit Yoga Oct. 2006
"Hometown Yoga, A Visit to Active Kat Yoga"

Sew News Cover Story  Jan. 2007 "Yoga, Do Your Body Good"
Fit Yoga July 2007
"That's Sew Yoga"

(Magazine) Sewing World (copy)
(Magazine) Threads (copy)
(Magazine) Quiler's Home (copy)
Sewing World magazine (UK)
July 2007
"Sewing Yoga, An Interview with Kat Robinson"

Threads issue #135 

Quilter's Home
September, 2008
"15 Ways to Stretch Your Quilting Comfort"

(Magazine) Healing Lifestyles and Spas (copy)
Magazine Rebelle Society (copy)
Magazine American sewing guild (copy)
Healing Lifestyles and Spas, November, 07 "Yoga Goes to Work and Play."
"Are Yoga Teacher's Allowed To Take Antidepressants"
ASG St. Louis Chapter, Sew Me St. Louis Newsletter  Summer 2009 " Spotlight On Active Kat, Kat Robinson."

(Magazine) Om Yoga (copy)
magazine girls gone gorgeous (copy)
yoga natural living magaine cover
Om Yoga and Lifestyle (UK) "Fix Your Life With Yoga"
April/May 2010

Girls Gone Gorgeous Ezine
June 4 - 11, 2010
"A Soulful Recovery"

Yoga Natural Living (UK) Aug. 2010 
"How Yoga Helped Me Live Again."

yoga mag beth shaw
Magazine Cover Elephant Journal (copy)
Magazine Cover Elephant Journal (copy)
Yoga Natural Living (US)
Sept. 2010
"How Yoga Helped Me Live Again"

"Using Yoga to Recover From Trauma"
"How God Brought Me Om"

Magazine Cover Elephant Journal (copy)
Magazine Cover Elephant Journal (copy)
Magazine pattern-review-logo (copy)
"Here's To the High Maintenance Yogi"
"Where to Turn When the Yoga Teacher Explodes"

Pattern Review Chat

"What is Sewing Yoga" 

JulyCover (1) (copy)
Magazine Cover Elephant Journal (copy)
Magazine Cover Elephant Journal (copy)

Ozark Mountain Yoga Mindful Living

"Yoga And Tick Borne Illness" (with videos) July 2015

"So You found Out You Are A Bloodline Witch, Now What?
"Are We Missing The Masses"


Mindful Studio Magazine 

Sept. 2017

"Managing a Small Town Studio"